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       Computer System for Color-Matching And Ink-Adjusting
     The company selects formula from its computer database and
     tests the color preciseness in order to avoid human inaccuracy
     and printer waiting time. Complete color quality is recorded to      guarantee the exact color for future reorders/reprinting.

     Professional Drum Scanner
     Whether its optical resolution, color consistency, gradation or      acuteness, Crosfield 6200 professional drum scanners are far
     better than normal flat ones to perfectly show the original

       Design & Development
     We have an open-minded, bright, talented, and enthusiastic
     group to offer professional service on creativity, colors and
       EPSON 10600 High Level Digital Proofing System
     It is certified by ISO 12647 international standard printing proof.
       Automatic CTP Machine
     Automatic load plate system, from press to plate producing,
     can make the largest increase in capability and efficiency.