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  CIP3 Producing Process
Connect the data of plate output printing tracks and pre-placed ink of the printers to efficiently
lower paper waste. Correctly complete printing standardization and digitization.
       Automatic Ink Data Feedback System
     In order to keep the same print quality and avoid
     differences in human judgment, we make use of a system
     that automatically receives ink data after it scans a color
     bar to manage the stability of printing color.

     Printing Process Automation
     Makes use of various automated facilities to help achieve
     the best printing quality and efficiency.

       Pile Turner
     Included in our automated facility is a machine that turns
     over and aligns stacks of paper for back-to-back printing      requirements. This saves the company a lot of labor time.
       Labor-saving Cutting System
     The company has a completely automated cutting facility
     which provides automatic alignment, paper loading system,      waste paper dropping facilities and paper piling system.